Why Choose Craven

  • Principal Involvement
    Craven commits a principal to every project management assignment. Our principals’ extensive experience and their in-depth understanding of required tasks, ways to support the team and solutions to build an organization dedicated to excellence guarantees the completion of a successful project. Their involvement on a daily basis distinguishes Craven Corporation from most of our competitors whose principals rarely appear at meetings or on site. 

  • Our Knowledge Makes the Difference
    Craven Corporation's knowledge of industry practices, trades, architects, engineers, real estate professionals, and building owners places Craven Corporation in the unique position of being able to recommend and work closely with industry professionals with a single minded purpose of meeting all of our Clients’ goals in the most cost efficient manner and without sacrificing any Client objectives. 

  • Our Uniqueness
    Other project management firms lack our experience as property managers. Our extensive experience as property managers has conditioned our principals and professional team to the operational and maintenance requirements of commercial buildings, thus instinctively heeding those requirements when analyzing the cost benefits of infrastructure work. 

  • Return On Investment
    Our mission is to reduce costs and increase revenues. In each instance, we provide our clients with alternatives and recommendations and assist in making the appropriate financial decisions. We scrutinize costs to make sure that our Clients’ projects meet all budget constraints and do not contain any unnecessary expenses. We protect our clients’ money as if it were our own. 

  • Our Commitment to Excellence
    When Craven Corporation takes on a commitment, it does not limit itself to the contractual obligations. Our total commitment to excellence compels us to go above and beyond the specifics of the contract to ensure that the Client is completely satisfied with our performance. We therefore, commit to our Clients that we will strive to complete their project to the best of our ability and to their best interests. All issues, recommended solutions, and re-evaluation of strategies will be openly discussed, and we acknowledge that absent extraordinary circumstances. There will be no staff turnover throughout the duration of the project. 

  • We Provide Added Value
    Craven Corporation appreciates fully the value of meeting all deadlines and schedules in today’s ever changing and more volatile environment. We regularly arrange scheduled design reviews and project management meetings to identify and resolve the coordination and construction issues as they arise, and to ensure full and efficient participation by the project team in obtaining the best possible results. 

    Another critical area where Craven Corporation provides value added performance is our experience and speed in reviewing change orders to determine if they are contractually valid and appropriate under existing circumstances. 

  • 24 X 7 Availability
    Our Clients are assured that Craven Corporation employees will not need to be reminded of their obligation to make themselves available at all times. All Client calls receive immediate attention and get immediate responses and priority treatment. We make available to our Clients and the other project team members a telephone directory containing office numbers, home numbers, cell phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of all team members. With this telephone directory, our Clients and the other project team members will have the ability to reach us on a 24 hour/7 day a week basis. This process will afford our Clients the feedback they require on a timely basis to meet all obstacles, changes, or demands that may arise with regards to their projects.